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Denise Recalde


Meet Denise Recalde, Founder and Owner

Hi, my name is Denise and through the fine and colorful pieces I write for my clients, I am dedicated to helping nonprofits and business owners everywhere attract and land more direct revenue or donations.

I have written copy for an array of clients. I fell into copywriting because I have discovered I have a knack and rap for it and most of the clients I have written for love my work.

Will you be another client who loves my copy?

Here are a few reasons you can be:

  1.  “Cha-Ching.” You know that sound the cash register makes after you’ve struck gold with a client and collected some major dough? You’ll be hearing more of that sound with the kind of copy I can write for you.
  2. “Thump” would go the sound of my resumé if it landed on your desk right this minute. I have written content on everything under the sun for about 8 years now as a professional writer and it shows in the thickness and thump of my resumé.
  3. Snap as in snapping fingers. That’s how easy it is to work with me. I take the job with a serious, straight face, execute it with pluck and aplomb, and deliver it in jollies.
  4. The sound a typewriter makes when I roll up the last page of the copy. Sure, I don’t work with a typewriter anymore (who does?) but the feeling of finishing that last line, going back to the beginning and proofing and editing is one and the same – the satisfaction of a job well done. And it is all for your benefit: tremendous value, far-out results and words that work smoking hot magic.

My Niches: 

Expert Blogger – Health and Wellness; Self-Help; Marketing; Technology, Ecological Writing, and other topics.

Non-Profit – I’m a copywriter who can write copy that deeply touches readers on an intellectual, emotional, and personal level.  This triple-combo style of writing can generate high response rates for your fundraising and marketing campaigns. The key to writing copy that opens wallets is to a) tell donors how their money will be used, proving yourself an efficient steward of their donations; and how their help is making a difference; b) not painting too much of a “doom and gloom” picture in your materials  — having “hope” in your stories boosts bottom-line donations; c) stirring donor emotions with gripping copy. You need an expert to strike just the right chords — facts and logic among them — to get donors to “justify” parting with their money; d) showing oodles of appreciation — that is, saying “Thank You” whenever and wherever possible in a tasteful, timely fashion.

Self-Help and Alternative Health and Wellness – The world of positive thinking, self-help and health and wellness are all about elevating a person to a better personhood tomorrow. A better mind, a better body, a better attitude to life is what the professionals in this field strive to have their clients achieve. Leave the communicating of the often-amazing benefits self-help products and services deliver to people everywhere to me.

A little about me: I grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC, and attended the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. I majored in Economics and Foreign Affairs and after a brief stint working for embassies in DC, I switched to professional writing – a career I have pursued for the last 8 years.